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Arabia Group Story

Arabia Group has been a one-stop source delivering networking technology to the Egyptian market since 1999. We have developed a solid business customer base of 800+ customers using a blend of direct sales channels as well as a chain of 400+ dealers across the country.
We have introduced Arabia eShop as our 1st online sales channel to address our customers shopping preferences, offering a memorable shopping experience.

Our Key Clients

Arabia Group Milestones


Arabia Group Startup

May 17, 1999

Arabia Group for Technology is founded in Cairo Egypt by Mohamed Elmarsafy and other co-founders.


Horizontal Growth - Showrooms

August 28, 2001

Arabia Group adopted a horizontal expansion approach for growing the business using strategically located showrooms in the most renowned technology marketplaces.


3COM® Silver Partner

September 4, 2004

Arabia Group gains the trust of a technology giant and the 1st business partnership is established with 3COM. Arabia Group is designated as a 3COM® Silver Partner.


D-Link® Non-Exclusive Distributor

May 4, 2006

Another business partnership allows for a diversified product range fulfilling demands of various market segments


Manhattan - Intellinet Distributor

August 28, 2007

Manhattan® and Intellinet Network Solutions® enter into Egypt Distribution Agreement with Arabia Group.


Supplier of the Year - Mentor Graphics®

July 2, 2009

A well deserved nomination in a highly competitive environment by EDA technology leader Mentor Graphics®. Arabia Group is Mentor's Graphics 'Supplier of the Year'.


Cisco® Selected Partner

July 2, 2010

A well deserved credential by technology giant Cisco® Systems...Arabia Group becomes Cisco® Selected Partner for well achieved sales targets.


HP® Preferred Reseller

July 2, 2011

Another success acknowledgment by technology leader Hewlett Packard®...Arabia Group becomes HP® Preferred Partner.


Service Quality Recognition - Schlumberger® Egypt

August 28, 2012

"Arabia Group has been the IT products and services main provider for all our locations within Egypt since December 2002. To date, we have always received positive feedback in all aspects in terms of quality and delivery time of their products, support and maintenance services."
—Ahmed ElGabry - EEG Geomarket Procurement Manager.


Service Quality Recognition - Hassan Allam® Egypt

August 28, 2015

تتقدم شركة النصر العامة للمقاولات (حسن محمد علام) بخالص الشكر لشركتكم الموقرة علي إنجاز الأعمال بكفاءة و تنظيم متميز
عاطف بربري عبد العزيز – نائب رئيس مجلس الإدارة للشئون المالية و التنمية الإدارية


HP® Business Partner

July 2, 2016

Another success acknowledgment by technology leader Hewlett Packard®...Arabia Group becomes HP® Business Partner.